Proactively onboard your new talent

First impressions matter.

Create an engaging and seamless employee onboarding experience, enabling new hires to do their best work and feel like an essential part of the team, from day one.

What Kohomai offers

1 >80% faster onboarding

Role tailored onboarding with micro modules boosts productivity like never before.

2 Higher engagement

Interactive content stimulates newbies to be proactive with new work and colleagues.

3 No more manual work

The automation engine sets your work on autopilot, saving you 16+ hours per new hire.

100+ integrations available

Smooth integration with your complete tech stack.

Kohomai is made in a flexible way to communicate with tools that you use in your daily work. Providing structured and integrated workflows help you focus on what matters - the happiness and productivity of new joiners.

Reducing the time to productivity

Enable the full potential of your new talent like never before.

Guided with a personalized journey for the specific role and enabling productive collaboration through connections with the team - being fully operational is a matter of weeks.

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